Facilities Quality
First class materials

As we use first class materials our customers thank us for using our products for years without any damages.

Perfect Designs

Our products,designing by being insprided from nature's perfect pattern,are producted to be suitable for human's comfortable life and continue elegance.

Quality is not expensive

The products being producing in our factory shows that quality is not expensive.After being detailly examined, raw matrials become first class materials.

Zero-error logic

Our products are used all over the world and they are produced by experienced and expert staff.our productions are passed production process by production engineer's fine workmanship.

Just in time
Sending Process

Orders for goods are delivered in time and they are in safe as we work with world wide logistics firms.

Reliable supply

Çet Yapı aim to meet the demands around the world with high tecnologically improved products.In addition to Europe ,East Europe ,North Africa,Middle East,Balkans and Asian countries Çet yapı will be sought after brand in the marketing including Australia and America.